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Key Holder Service

  • Keys are held in a secure place only accessible to authorised personnel.
  • Keys can be made available to a third party upon request.
Inspection Visits
  • Inspection of property monthly (or more frequently as arranged) - visual inspection of interior and exterior with full report given by email/fax plus online photos if necessary.
  • Additional checks after any unusually bad weather to ensure there is no damage to your home or boundaries.
  • Opening and airing the premises allowing the air to circulate and prevent build up of moisture/mould formation.
  • Toilets flushed and taps run on each inspection to eliminate stale water from the system.
  • External drains checked for blockages and debris removed where applicable.
  • Property checked for infestation inside and out.
  • All appliances and electrical equipment tested.
Tel: (0030) 22840.31641 or 31256
Fax: (0030) 22840.31709
Mobile: 6944582223